How it Works

For 2FA on Tokenomica, we have chosen the most popular solution on the market — Google Authenticator for Android or iOS.

It is a free app for your smartphone that generates a new code every 30 seconds. It works like this:

  1. When enabling 2FA, the application you’re securing generates a QR code that users scan with their phone camera to add the profile to their Google Authenticator app.
  2. Your user’s smartphone then generates a new code every 30 seconds to authorize the transaction.

How to Enable 2FA

  1. Open your profile settings:
  2. Go to the “Security” section;

3. Press “Set up Authenticator” button;
4. Download the Authenticator app (Google Authenticator for Android or iOS) and press “Next”

5. Scan the QR code using the Authenticator app and enter the 6-digit code that you see in the App.