To invest and trade on Tokenomica, you will need to connect a new wallet to your account. Wallets can be linked to your account in your Tokenomica profile.

There are two options available:

Fast and seamless setup! No additional extensions, just log in and go. Available on all devices.

Waves Keeper
Create a wallet using Waves Keeper. An additional browser extension is needed.


First, you will need to name your wallet. The name is visible to you only, so choose whatever you find the most convenient.

After that, you will need to save the passphrase. Please make sure to store it safely and have access to the passphrase, because we won’t be able to restore it for you.

And that’s it! Afterward, it will take us about a minute to connect your brand new T-Wallet to your Tokenomica account. As soon as your new wallet is created, it will become visible in your profile.

Waves Keeper

First, you will need to download Waves Keeper extension for your browser.
As the second step, you will need to create a new account in Waves Keeper and set it active as it is shown on the video.

As soon as you press the “Add Account” button, you will be asked to save the SEED phrase. Make sure to store it safely, as the SEED phrase is known to you only and both Tokenomica and Waves team won’t be able to restore it for you.

As soon as a new wallet is created, you will be able to connect to your Tokenomica account in the “Profile” tab.