Each user can have an unlimited number of wallets on Tokenomica. However, we do not advise using too many wallets. 

Too many wallets may create complications when interacting with the platform.  Each wallet has a unique address. When the user participates in a token sale or fundraising, the smart contract only remembers the wallet that was used. Further interactions with the same smart contract will only be available with the same wallet. When there are too many wallets present, choosing the right one to interact with the right smart contract may take some time. Furthermore, transferring funds from one wallet to another takes time and the commission will be charged. 

Please, notice, that after restoring the password all T-wallets become inactive. In order to start using them, a passphrase will be required for each one. It means, that if you have 10 T-wallets, you will need to enter the correct passphrase for each one. 

Having different types of wallets is also available. We advise to try using each type of wallet and choose the one you like the most.