What is KYB (Know Your Business)?

The KYB procedure is an identity verification procedure. It is conducted by Tokenomica’s compliance team and the service provider Sum&Substance). The main purpose of this procedure is to facilitate our system's compliance with Anti-Money Laundering laws (AML) and to protect our system from accidentally facilitating criminal activities. 

How to pass KYB?

KYB Procedure takes a few minutes to upload necessary documents and provide basic information and up to 3 days for Sum&Substance and our compliance team to approve that information.

You will be asked to share the following information: 

  • Representing officer identity verification

  • Company documents

  • Details regarding company UBO’s and shareholders and the company structure

UBO’s and Shareholders will be asked to complete KYC as well. The link to Sum&Substance form will be sent to their emails.