Tokenomica is the first all in one platform for tokenized assets that allows issuance and secondary trading of

smart securities both in fiat and crypto. Our solution allows companies to exclude the number of

intermediaries, reduce set-up costs and allows retail investors to easily enter the financial market.

Smart securities, implemented on the platform, introduce a new asset class that combines the legal essence of traditional securities (e. g. shares and bonds) with the cutting-edge distributed ledger technology.

Outside of issuance of tokenized assets, we offer several products for our customers:

Marketplace opens the door for everyone to invest in promising companies in the early stages. Prior, there were only two ways that investors could get involved in the early stages of investing, either by becoming an accredited investor or by taking part in crowdinvesting with two types of fees charged: up to 6% from the whole campaign and 2% from the payout to investors.

Regulated Crypto Exchange offers an opportunity to trade crypto-to-Euro and vice versa in full compliance with the Maltese regulation. 

OTC Trading Desk allows users to make larger trades directly with Tokenomica without having to go through public order books. Our trading facility operates in full compliance with Maltese regulation.

Back-office Automatization Tools help modern companies eliminate excessive paperwork and help companies run their businesses without being concerned about the legal side of securities management. In April 2020, we have launched three basic features — voting, dividend payouts, shareholders list management, communication with investors. Additionally, the platform will launch the Cap Table Management and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) management tools.